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Specialist in sports and medical therapy

I graduated in Physical Education Studies from Helwan University in Cairo, Egypt. I was a professional Judo player (black belt) and worked as a physiotherapist for the Judo team, having a specialized training for physiotherapy applied to injuries in Judo.

I worked as a sport medical therapist in several rehabilitation centers in Egypt. I also specialized in Medical Thai massage and reflexology.

Because of my long experience I am very accurate in diagnosing different kinds of physical problems. It happened many times that patients of mine was misdiagnosed by others and found in me the right treatment for their problems.

I have an arsenal of different techniques that combined together gives me the possibility to treat my patients in a more effective way. My approach allows me to discover the real cause behind the ailments affecting my patients: it may happen for example that a herniated patient has back pain but there is nothing really wrong with the spine; the root cause of the problem is the hernia.

I have living in Cyprus for more than ten years. I really appreciate the quietness and quality of life here, and this gives me the possibility to focus more on my patients and have enough time for self-improvement.

If you are looking for a highly qualified physical treatment with an honest and experience specialist, do not hesitate in contacting us at Cyprus Holistic Centre.