What are Enemas?

An enema is the procedure of introducing liquids into the rectum and colon via the anus. The increasing volume of the liquid causes rapid expansion of the lower intestinal tract, often resulting in very uncomfortable bloating, cramping, powerful peristalsis, a feeling of extreme urgency and complete evacuation of the lower intestinal tract. An enema has the advantage over any laxative in its speed and certainty of action, and some people prefer it for this reason.

Enemas can be carried out as treatment for medical conditions, such as constipation and encopresis, and as part of some alternative health therapies. They are also used to administer certain medical or recreational drugs. Enemas have been used for rehydration therapy (proctoclysis) in patients for whom intravenous therapy is not applicable.

What are the benefits of an enema?

The benefits of the coffee retention implant or enema are many.  Some have been discussed above.  However, there are many others that are listed below.  Some are rather remarkable and interesting to ponder, and include:

  • Coffee antidotes or negates many harmful vibrations or frequencies of illness in the body. This unusual trait of coffee, not shared by any other herbs or remedies, is very well known in the science of homeopathy. Patients are often told by homeopathic practitioners never to drink coffee, as it can negate the effects of any vibrational remedies, of which homeopathic ones are an example. This is a very important reason for using coffee enemas, although it is somewhat esoteric. The coffee seems able to upset and undo harmful subtle energies in the human system in a way that no other plant can do. Repeated use of the coffee implant undoes these vibrational frequencies at deeper and deeper levels each time the procedure is used.
  • Increased alkalinity of the intestinal tract. This is due to enhanced bile flow, most likely. It is important because bile has many antiseptic, digestive and other functions.  Increasing the alkalinity of the small intestine makes it much less hospitable for parasites, in particular, but also help destroy many other types of infections in the small intestines.
  • Reduced toxicity in the body through the elimination of retained fecal matter that usually putrefies, rots or ferments.
  • Coffee has a strong affinity for and astringent action upon the colon and colonic mucosa. This property has been discussed above.
  • Improved digestion. This is due to enhanced bile flow, and by killing harmful micro-organisms and parasites in the intestines, and perhaps other mechanisms such as alkalinizing the small bowel.
  • Enemas, in general, and the coffee enema in particular, can help stimulate, balance and clear many reflex points that run from the colon segments to every organ and tissue of the body. This is not well known, but is true. An excellent description with diagrams and other fascinating information about these reflexes is found in the textbook, The Science And Practice of Iridology by Dr. Bernard Jensen.
  • In acupuncture terms, enhanced liver meridian activity and balancing the large intestine meridian. Technically, introducing water and coffee into the colon weakens the large intestine meridian somewhat. This can enhance the liver meridian, according to acupuncture theory. Commonly, the liver is weak and the large intestine meridian is often overstimulated or overactive due to the presence of toxins in the large bowel.  Even if it is not overactive, the effect of the coffee enema, in terms of acupuncture meridians, is to enhance the energy of the liver/gall bladder meridian to some degree.
  • Nutritional effects – selenium. Coffee contains a needed form of selenium, a vital mineral needed by almost everyone today.  Few foods contain this particularly necessary compound, which is not well-absorbed by mouth, but is better absorbed through the rectum. This is a primary reason for the enzymatic activity of coffee upon liver detoxification pathways. This needs to be researched further, as I do not have more confirmation of this fact other than our observations.
  • Nutritional effects – zinc. Coffee also contains a small amount of an important zinc compound. Once again, it is very needed today, and is not well absorbed by mouth, but is better absorbed rectally. This needs to be researched further, as I do not have more confirmation of this fact other than our observations.
  • Protection against toxins in coffee. Coffee contains some toxic metals such as lead and cadmium.  Also, ground coffee is often somewhat rancid, as it contains polyunsaturated oils that become rancid easily. However, it appears from our experience that when taken by rectum, these are not absorbed nearly as much as they are when coffee is taken through the mouth.
    This occurs because the colon is designed to absorb nutrients, while filtering out and leaving behind toxic substances in the colon.  This is the reason why drinking coffee is toxic, but coffee used in an enema is much less so. In fact, we have seen no toxicity from repeated coffee retention enemas, while those who drink coffee regularly always exhibit some toxicity from the beverage.
  • Downward motion. Retaining this enema for 15 minutes or so forces one to focus attention on keeping the anal sphincter shut tightly. This is an ancient technique to focus and move energy downward toward the pelvic floor and feet. This is helpful for most people, who need grounding and centering.
  • Yang effect.  Most people’s bodies today are too yin, in Chinese medical terms, especially those who are old or infirm.  Yin means cold, expanded and usually it means ill.  A problem with many drugs, natural remedies, vitamins, herbs and procedures such as surgery is that they make the body even more yin.
    In contrast, coffee is a more yang substance, even though it grows in tropical climates.  It becomes much more yang when roasted thoroughly, which we recommend.  This also gets rid of some of the caffeine, a yin substance (although some caffeine appears necessary for the desired effects).  This is a great advantage of this procedure over other herbal, natural and medical methods for cleansing the liver and colon.
    The cumulative effect of daily coffee enemas is a yang or warming effect on most everyone, and this is extremely important today to regain and maintain health.  The yang effect is due to a combination of the nutritional benefits of coffee, the bean itself, and the removal of yin toxins such as toxic metals and toxic chemicals from the body.  To read more about this vital subject, read Yin and Yang Healing and Yin Disease on the Center for Development website.
  • Sympathetic relaxation. Coffee enemas cause relaxation of the sympathetic nervous system.  This may seem odd, since coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant.  Possible reasons for relaxation of the sympathetic nervous system include: 1) stimulation of two important parasympathetic organs, the liver and the large intestine, 2) removal of irritating toxins from the body rapidly and thoroughly, 3) more subtle mechanisms that affect the nerve feedback in a way that inhibits the sympathetic nerves, 4) downward motion of energy.  To learn more about the sympathetic nervous system and its importance, read Autonomic Nervous System Balancing on the center for development website.
  • Increased glutathione activity.The compounds kahweol and cafestol found in coffee enhance glutathione S-transferase activity in the liver.  This enzyme assists liver detoxification that neutralizes and helps remove a large variety of toxic compounds.  This topic is discussed in more detail above.
  • Improved hydration.While it may seem minor, this can be a major benefit of coffee retention enemas.  Many people are quite dehydrated today.  Reasons for this are 1) not drinking enough water, 2) drinking incorrect type of water such as reverse osmosis water, which does not appear to hydrate the body well, and 3) ingesting substances that tend to dehydrate the body, including all sugars, caffeine and alcohol.  The addition of several cups of water in the enema improves this serious, but sometimes difficult to identify situation.  Improved dehydration also greatly improves overall detoxification of the body and overall heatlh.  For more on this subject, read Hydration on the Center for Development website.
  • Improved root energy center activity.When one does a coffee enema, one must lock the root chakra or energy center. This is done by tightening the anal sphincter, which is necessary to retain the coffee solution. It is known in yoga and other ancient texts that locking the root chakra helps greatly to circulate etheric or subtle chi or energy in the body.  While this is subtle, some people can feel the benefit of this practice.
  • Yeast elimination from the colon, but this requires repeated enemas and perhaps more water. This is a wonderful benefit for some people whose colons are full of yeast.  For this to occur, one must do several coffee implants back to back, putting in a total of about 2 quarts of water into the colon. It helps to rub the colon area of the abdomen vigorously to get the water to penetrate into the pockets of the colon to dislodge the yeast organisms.  Adding some crushed garlic to the enema water may help this a little by a chemical mechanism.

A form of quiet discipline and a concentration exercise. This may seem odd, but just lying down and holding the anal sphincter closed for 15 or so minutes is a form of concentration exercise that teaches discipline, relaxation, coordination and other mental traits that are helpful for most people.

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What are Tinctures?

A tincture is basically an alcohol based solution that contains the extract of a herb or mineral or some other substance. Today, most tinctures are herbal and are used in alternative medicine, only very rarely in mainstream medicine, as we have found other more effective methods of extracting the necessary compounds and administering them to patients.

An enema is a process in which liquid is entered into the rectum and colon by a speculum or nozzle into the anus. The speculum or nozzle is usually connected to a pouch or bag that contains the liquid that is to be inserted.

The purpose of an enema is to stimulate bowel movement, treat severe constipation, to clean the bowels, and sometimes to administer medication. In alternative medicine, enemas are thought to help cleanse the body of toxins

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