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The Power Of Visualisation

We humans have been blessed with an array of empowering energy……and one of those is visualization. Basically we are what we focus on, eventually attracting what we believe. The reason this is true is simple. Even though we are not consciously aware of it, we live in a sea of quantum  vibrational energy that is ever […]

Knowing thy Self

Healing takes on so many different facet when it comes to the human species.  It is written in many sacred texts, my  people perish, through lack of knowledge. unfortunately,  so many individuals are so ignorant to their genetic make up. Yet if we are going to begin to comprehend the full ramification and the full spectrum of healing, […]

The Ten Intention For a Better World

We are more than what we see. Basically, we are holograms of condense light.  Moreover, if our  intention is to live a life of passion, purpose and service for each and every human being/sentient being/the animal kingdom and mother earth. It is imperative that we raise our awareness, our consciousness, through commitments, dedication and self discipline. We believe […]

Cleansing Negative Thought Patterns

Humans are endowed with extraordinary power.  As a matter of fact a majority of the human population are not privy to their amazing capabilities. So whether you are suffering with stress, lack of finance, depression, anxiety or any health conditions. It warrants one to investigate their hidden capabilities, talents and gifts. The rewards are definitely astounding…… Hence the […]

As a Man/ Women Thinketh

Did you know that humanity is know experiencing more stress than his ancestors. With the epidemic of stress, depression and anxiety on the increase, in modern society. We feel that one needs to take counter measures to the current mass consciousness. And move in to the realm of personal development. One of the most powerful human being who understood and appreciated the human […]

With One Voice

Unless we are willing to ask those profound questions about life. And to show discernment to all aspect of our life. Insofar as realizing  and recognizing the essence of who we are? Where we are going? and our divine purpose? If materialism was the only objective to life, then our life would be a empty vessel. If you […]

Let the light of your Subconscious Mind ….Lead You!!

Have you every heard the song? Let your soul be your pilot by Sting u tube.  Very empowering! When our body is seriously compromise there is one major driving force for all of the human species to really develop and that is the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind  has been discuss as far back as the 1600. […]

The Power of Perception and Self Belief

Waking up to our inner truth, our inner wisdom, our inner greatness has got to be one of the most beautiful experiences, for any human being. As all ancient and traditional philosophers, sages, seers and teachers will claim….That are our inner world- create our outer world.  With serious reflection and contemplation on this particular statement, we then begin to ask the question? is […]