The Power Of Visualisation

We humans have been blessed with an array of empowering energy……and one of those is visualization.

Basically we are what we focus on, eventually attracting what we believe. The reason this is true is simple. Even though we are not consciously aware of it, we live in a sea of quantum  vibrational energy that is ever responsive to our thoughts and what we think. Our thoughts are constantly trying to express themselves in our lives. So many people do not realize that our thoughts are creative forces, and the sooner we realize this, the sooner we can begin designing our life with clarity, passion and purpose. How can we use our mental power to enhance the quality of our life’s. Again the answer is simple. Persistence daily focus is absolutely critical for achieving your major objective . Hence the power of your mind and the techniques of visualization can come to your assistance. The power of your mind consists of easily learned techniques that help you focus and direct your thoughts. The first technique is monumental in its ramification…Yet few of use it…..  visualization. Visualization is simply mental rehearsal. You create images in your mind of your desires, dreams and aspiration or doing whatever it is you want. You repeat these images over and over again. I highly suggest to my clients that they practice this technique for at least  10 minutes in the morning and 10min the evening. In your ten-minute practice, you use your imagination to see yourself being successful, achieving your ideal weight, having the best relationship, overcoming a ailment—whatever the goal is that you wish to manifest. The magic key to maximizing the awesome phenomenal power of the mind is to remember  to always visualize that you already have the thing you want. This is a excellent way to reprogram your mind. You don’t hope you’ll achieve it, or build confidence that some day it will happen. No room for judgment. No, with the visualization technique you “live it feel it and internalise it” as if it is happening to you right now. Now this is what we call mental self mastery, but here is an important truth to understand. Our subconscious mind cannot identify between what is real and what is imagined. Your subconscious will act upon the images you create within, regardless of whether those images reflect your current predicament or not.

The purpose of our blog is to raise the consciousness of all human being living on this beautiful planet we call mother earth. Please investigate this powerful unique technique, you will be amazed.

Love Michael and Penny xx

Cyprus Holistic Centre  Dec 2013