Knowing thy Self

Healing takes on so many different facet when it comes to the human species.  It is written in many sacred texts, my  people perish, through lack of knowledge. unfortunately,  so many individuals are so ignorant to their genetic make up. Yet if we are going to begin to comprehend the full ramification and the full spectrum of healing, we must begin with a open heart and open mind. Please make a mental note of this list and God willing we will be addressing each one of these important topics on how healing take places on so many levels.


1. Spiritual Crisis – Carolyn Myss

2.Soul – The Dark Night Of The Soul  – Dr Mitchell

3. The Immortal Mind- Dr Joe Dispenza

3 Etheric Healing- Philip Smith talks about the Etheric Healing techniques of his father

4. Emotional Healing- Louise Hay

5. Nutritional Deficiencies

6. Toxicity and the Importance of a total body detoxification

7. Endocrinology and hormonal rebalancing

8. Biomechanics

Just food for thought. You will be pleasantly surprise of the great wonder that humans are endowed with….Welcome to your greatness. Remember we will be address each topic and how it will affect your your body over a period of time, if it is out of homeostasis ( balance). Until our next blog, learn to discover your inner world.


Love Michael and Penny xx Cyprus Holistic Centre Dec 2013