Cleansing Negative Thought Patterns

Humans are endowed with extraordinary power.  As a matter of fact a majority of the human population are not privy to their amazing capabilities. So whether you are suffering with stress, lack of finance, depression, anxiety or any health conditions. It warrants one to investigate their hidden capabilities, talents and gifts. The rewards are definitely astounding…… Hence the saying…..Know Thy Self. But if the mind is clutter through false perceptions, faulty belief systems, negative internal dialogue, frustration, lack of purpose , no vision or direction and a inadequate amount of self love. All these sentiments can seriously erode any individual psychologically and physiologically. Subsequently, a slow degenerative process starts to take place, as each one of the 100 trillion cells eave drop and listens to everything that you …..perceiving, thinking and feeling.  For a real in-depth insight and thorough investigation please visit the youtube…..What the Bleep Do Their Know youtube and Hidden Messages in water- Dr Emoto

7 Action Plan For ….Breaking every chain of Negative Thought Patterns

1. The Power Of Prayers  ( The Mode of Prayers – Greg Braden youtude)

2. The Power of Affirmation – Louise Hay

3   The Biology of Belief – Dr Bruce Lipton utube

4. Tapping ,com

5. The Healing Code – Dr Alex Loyd

6. Meditation- Dr Deepak Chopra

7. Healing the Chakra System – Carolyn Myss Also ….Why People Do Not Heal -Carolyn Myss You Tube

For 7 days

1.  Do not watch any TV for 7 Days

2. Keep a daily journal of your dreams, aspirations and dreams, And your daily actions

3. Do a daily act of service for mother earth

4. Repeat this mantra at least a 100 times a day …My inner world, creates my outer world.

5. Read 30 mins everyday

6. Spend time in nature- smelling the roses, gardening or walking

7. Expose yourself to positive information for 1 hour everyday and learn to model successful people.

Faith  consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to  believe.

Love Michael and Penny – Cyprus Holistic Centre  Dec 2013