With One Voice

Unless we are willing to ask those profound questions about life. And to show discernment to all aspect of our life. Insofar as realizing  and recognizing the essence of who we are? Where we are going? and our divine purpose? If materialism was the only objective to life, then our life would be a empty vessel. If you have not had the opportunity to watch and listen to the powerful DVD film ……With One Voice ( Awaken to the reality that unites us all). Then this is a must see. A remarkable production, highlighting the uniqueness of all of humanity.  One Voice shares the eternal message and wisdom of the mystics. This illuminating documentary explores the unity of humanity, reveals our essential oneness and spreads the single message that binds all faiths and humanity together. This film features mystics from many of the great spiritual traditions around the world, whose lives have been dedicated to answering the mysteries of existence. For mystics, all our problems stem from loss of connection with the infinite source that sustains us all and their solution is simple; reconnect.

It is time for us humans to reconnect and ignite the greatness that reside inside each one of us.

Love Michael and Penny ( Cyprus Holistic Centre) xx