The Power of Perception and Self Belief

Waking up to our inner truth, our inner wisdom, our inner greatness has got to be one of the most beautiful experiences, for any human being. As all ancient and traditional philosophers, sages, seers and teachers will claim….That are our inner world- create our outer world.  With serious reflection and contemplation on this particular statement, we then begin to ask the question? is the out side world controlling me. If our perception and belief system to not co in siding with our action then we will fall victim to …Cognitive Dissonance or double thinking. Here is a great example, have you ever gone shopping and put something into your basket, which you know in your heart, it is not conducive or complimentary to your health and wellbeing. Consequently, causing a myriad of symptoms, bloating, flatulence, heart burn, constipation and skin problems etc.  So if our perception and self belief is not congruent with our action, then by default we are setting our self up for failure. That why it is absolutely imperative that we embark on a series of self developing reprogramming of our personal perception and self belief that co in siding with our action- Then healing can take place- Michael and Penny Cyprus Holistic Centre

The Biology of Belief- Dr Bruce Lipton utube